We create homes with smaller footprints and natural materials and strive to offer a post-carbon lifestyle as a turn-key deliverable.  We focus on gentle densification in single family neighbourhoods, where small-scale multifamily homes provide new opportunities for families of all sizes. In addition to putting together our own development projects, we also offer development consulting services, including yield analyses, pro formas and multi-family feasibility studies.

Urban Homestead

Situated on the slopes of North Vancouver, this up-cycled home was carefully renovated using local materials such as Douglas fir and Vancouver Island marble. 

This haven in the city features a solar array which provides 50% of its energy consumption, indigenous green roofs and living walls, an extensive garden, a pond, a bee hive and coming soon: a chicken coop!


Built amongst a mature sugar maple ecosystem, this retreat blends seamlessly with its environment as it emerges from the slope.

The south west wall folds away to offer direct contact with the pristine forest.  Innovative inter-seasonal heating strategies make this dwelling comfortable year round even during the cold Qu├ębec winters.