We specialize in urban infill projects that provide gentle densification in single family neighbourhoods, where small-scale multifamily homes provide new opportunities. We offer development consulting services including yield analyses, pro formas and multi-family feasibility studies.



Our architectural studio consults on residential, cultural and institutional projects. We offer architectural services and interior design for new projects or existing buildings. We are LEED accredited and PassivHaus trained.



Going Post Carbon Now is within reach; it is easier and less costly than you think. A Post-Carbon Now Assessment will map out the transition strategies of your dwelling towards a fossil fuel free future.



In our renovation projects, we carefully assess and preserve much of the embodied energy of an existing buildings while completely transforming the original dwelling into a harmonious living space. This approach saves time, prevents tons of waste from going to the landfill and trees from being cut, and it saves considerable amounts of money.



Our design studio creates innovative products that enable the re-integration of nature onto the built environment thereby providing multiple environmental and social benefits. We provide green technologies such as green roofs and living walls.



While reconnecting with our indigenous roots, we discovered that ancestral wisdom offer multiple solutions to our current climate change challenges. We seek to co-create spaces for contemporary indigenous communities that wish to re-establish inter- generational living in harmony with nature.